Agri Fax is the future of agriculture, leading with agro-tech invention

Agri-fax agricultural company since establishment specializes in the propagation, cultivation, and exportation of agricultural produce. With the robust team of highly skilled farmers, marketers, and farming specialists, Agri-Fax agricultural company is consistently contributing towards enhancing food supply to the locales of New Zealand and many parts of the world.

Most of our products include beans peppers, iceberg lettuce, mangos, avocados, rice, citrus fruits, grapes, peaches, bananas, maize, grapes, plums, and fresh herbs.

To further accelerate on our mission, we collaborate with both small and medium scale farmers in more than seventy five (75) countries across the world, food processing companies, governments, agricultural cooperatives, NGOs, and other investors that have a deep interest in enhancing the production and distribution of farm products.

At Agri-fax, our robust team constitutes marketing professionals, experienced farmers, and soil scientists.

Our company enjoys the support of angel investors who share in our vision and are always willing to throw their weight behind us in ensuring that our collective vision never dies.

Our mode of operation as an agricultural business company rests on the principle which includes:

Our Values

Agri-fax’s value system is established on the fact that apart from massively cultivating and distributing top quality agricultural products, the company has to contribute in ensuring a safer and greener environment in any community we are present.

Vision Statement

To orchestrate a widespread distribution of affordable and top quality agricultural food products in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Market Recognition

Agri-fax is recognized worldwide as one of the top producers and suppliers of agricultural produce. We enjoy the regular patronage of small and medium scale agric retailers who heavily rely on us as their source of food supply to the final consumers.

We have graciously received a series of awards from regulatory bodies, and one of these notable awards is the global award for excellence as a large -scale agricultural producer.