Being a pacesetter in the production and distribution of agricultural products, Agri-fax has an organized set of programs that ensures continued production process. These programs are designed to enhance collaboration with relevant stakeholders in the industry, in ensuring that the vision is sustained.

The programs are categorized into three phases which includes:

Farm Management

Agri-fax farm management program helps farmers under our belt to plan, have access to resources, and the required information to stay put in the system. We also offer farmers and farm managers some decision tools such as:

Livestock Decisions – we provide farmers with key information to assist in the area of market plans, insurance, records, prices, marketing tools, profitability, government programs, and marketing plans.

Business Development Decisions - we provide farmers with key information to assist in the area of business structure, feasibility, capital budgeting, business plans, investments, contracts and agreements, economics, as well as direct marketing and promotion.

Crop Decisions – we provide farmers with crucial information to assist in the area of grain storage and handling, profitability, crop marketing, machinery management, yields, and specialty crops.

Whole Farm Decisions – we provide farmers with key information to assist in the area of lease agreements, profitability, transition planning, specialty production, budgeting, rental rates, farmland value, employee labor, tillage, legal issues, skill development, recordkeeping, and corn suitability ratings.

Cooperative Management

Agricultural cooperative management has an age-long history of successes and failures both in the developed and the developing countries of the world. In several European countries, the establishment of cooperatives has orchestrated a significant development in the agricultural sector for over one hundred years now.

These cooperatives were usually developed by small Agric groups comprising of farmers to freely express themselves in the industry. This close collaboration with each other they would easily compete favorably with large scale farmers in the area of obtaining support to render quality services, purchase inputs at reasonable prices and sell their farm produce at competitive rates.

Most developing countries have a mixed feeling regarding this issue. One of the biggest reasons why it failed in this part of the world is due to a misuse of the program with some political gimmicks. The result of this is a proliferation of lots of unsustainable cooperatives.

Till now, some developing countries experience the presence and control of these pseudo-cooperative groups. Nevertheless, the current trend is not seen as a major obstacle to survival and participation in the cooperatives program.

This is where Agri-fax comes in to intervene. We as an agricultural company see the program as the right organizational structure for farmers to meet their needs and to achieve their set goals.

It is undoubtedly true that agricultural cooperative groups who offer members the opportunity to contribute and participate in a veritable tool, can assist in the development of the national economy.

Enterprise Farm Management

As part of a continued drive to sustain our agricultural products, we at Agri-fax are always on the trail in making and implementing sound decisions that would help in operating a farm to ensure adequate production and profit maximization.

Farm management reflects agricultural economics to give useful information on agricultural policy, market, prices, as well as leasing and credit.

Farm management also dwells on animal sciences to give accurate information on fertilizer, insects, soils, control of weeds, seed, and diseases.

Because farms are generally different, the focus on farm management is directed towards the individual farm. This is to say that the method that works for one farm may not work for another.

Challenges with farm management vary from those of the small, subsistence and family-owned farms to farms that operate on a more substantial and commercial scale where Agric experts and skilled farm managers utilize state-of-the-art technologies.

Most subsistence farmers do have challenges in acquiring the necessary financial tools to plan, analyze and control his business and this is impeding on the direction of his business.

Agri-fax is always delighted to offer help in this regard. With our years of experience in collaborating with small and medium scale farmers in New Zealand, plus our robust collection of dedicated experts, we offer the necessary assistance to farmers under our belt in ensuring they have the right information involved in running their farm business.